Worshipping My Way Up the Steep Steps beneath Yongfu Monastery

img_7829 To the Southwest of Lingyin Temple is the Fayun Village, a place of historical and cultural significance, and the people have done a good job at preserving it. Among the wonders that it boasts, the Yongfu Temple was actually my favorite, and I think it represents the whole area, being a place of worship and a point of convergence for the locals over time. By the way, we had to go through a very strenuous hike up to reach it, I remember getting a tad close to the point of hallucinating as I climbed those ancient, frighteningly unpredictable stairs. I remember eventually turning around to have a look on my way up a zillion stairsteps, and I remember having to lean my body weight forward to not risk losing balance- I’m shivering as I recall those moments.

The Yongfu Monastery was reopened in 2004 with support from the Zhejiang Government and Hangzhou Municipality.

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