A Long Journey on Feilai Peak

While touring Hangzhou is associated with the famous Lingyin Temple, or the just as famous West Lake, today I’ll take you to the Feilai Peak Buddhist Grottoes, a marvel of an experience. It took us 2 full hours to see it all, and hopefully this slideshow is representative of all there is to see.

It’s name in Chinese is, “@&*”, meaning something along the lines of a “peak coming from far”. Legend has it that the peak came from India. Very Buddhist, right? The carvings there date back to the tenth-to-fourteenth centuries.

You Learn to Get Used to This!
Nobody Likes to Wait Outside!

Qinglin Cave description
Qinglin Cave description
The First Carving you’ll encounter on Qinglin Cave
A carving at the South entrance of Qinglin Cave: The Buddhist Statues of the Three Saints of Huayan
Carving of Locana Buddhist Ceremony


Yuru Cave description
Yuru Cave description
A group of Arhats

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img_7693img_7704 img_7706img_7710 img_7715img_7717 img_7720 img_7727

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