Toss the Toad… at the Supermarket!

Okay, so I go to the supermarket once a week to get my week’s supply of groceries. One day, as I walked through the crowds in the supermarket, I happened to walk by the fish section, which, by the way, smells a whole lot like fish, only to find some kids playing with a toad just beside the fish acquariums. (By the way, the fish acquariums do not serve the purpose of providing customers with the casual eye candy; rather, you pick a “fresh” fish and the guy standing there would chop its head off before packaging it for you to take back home to prepare in the kitchen). Back to our friend the toad, it was a cute scene, no criticism involved, except the toad looked sick and really not in a good condition, with its body inflated like a balloon. So the toad was being tossed around like a toy, which is an act you would understand given that the kids, you know, are kids. My companion on this journey freaked out on first sight of the toad being tossed around, which kind of made a scene, and in the process made us stand out as the Laowais who are, as usual, standing out for no reason. But nonetheless, I took a couple of pics to show you. And last thing, I might be making this mistake, so excuse me if I did not respect the distinction between a toad and frog. I know there must be some unique distinctive features which I’m not aware of, but for now, I prefer to be cool and use “toad” instead.

IMG_5549IMG_5546 IMG_5547 IMG_5550

Note: Okay, I’ve just looked this up, the main difference between the two: Frogs have smooth, shiny skin while Toads have more bumpy and rough. Another distinction is that toads are more suitable to live in water, along with their broader, more inflated body shape.

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