Reinventing the Toilet Seat, What’s Going On at Panasonic


Of the many things I learned during my time living in the states, the first few lessons were particularly hard. In the US, when you enter the restroom, there is no Bidet. This is what a Bidet is, for those who have no clue what I’m talking about (below).

Well I come from a place where Bidets are as essential as the toilet seat itself. I can’t imagine doing my “deed” without having to use the bidet. To my fellow Americans, how can you walk while knowing your “behind” is full of sh**”. I mean, how can you manage to walk comfortably after using the toilet (type 2)? Please don’t say toilet paper does the job, that’s just not true! Well, I discovered this issue in the US, and I remember having the longest journey to the nearest shop where I bought a pack of baby wipes!! It’s actually quite helpful to have a small pack in your travel backpack or during long trips, a new habit I learned in the US. WIPES please!! I use Kirkland wipes by the way.

Beyond my own innovations using the restroom, let me share some real toilet “sh**”. Panasonic showrooms, we expect, display all sorts of electronics and various appliances. I thought so too, UNTIL. Passing by a Panasonic showroom along the Xihu Lake last Sunday, I had the chance to check out the now-famous Panasonic toilet innovation. I couldn’t help but enter the showroom and investigate, first-hand, the nuances of this brilliant piece. To be honest, I am very strict about that kind of hygiene. Not that I’m gonna buy it anytime soon (it’s too fancy, and I’m already accustomed to using a separate toilet seat and “Bidet”. But to be fair, had I had the budget and the personality for such stuff, I would totally consider it. It saves precious toilet space, rather than have both the “toilet seat” and a “hygiene seat” overcrowd the whole place. Second reason is that, if you watch the advertisement, this invention actually adjusts to your body, therefore providing all sorts of comfort.

Besides, who wants to be interrupted while reading the news on an ipad just in order to jump onto the bidet seat? Now that’s a consideration the more intellectual among us have to keep in mind.

One thing’s for sure, the day I decide to buy it, I won’t stand there watching the salesperson make a live demo. I’ll leave it to my imagination.

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