Star Wars in China: John Boyega is Shrunk in the Ad, and He Just Happens to be Black?


The new Star Wars movie was just released in Chinese theaters this week, but I won’t watch it. It was released in my country earlier, and my brother told me I’ll regret watching it, so I didn’t.

I still remember the day my parents took us to the movies (a very rare event btw), to watch “Star Wars: Episode One- The Phantom Menace”. It’s the oldest cinema memory I have, a memory I’m fond of. I am really an avid Star Wars fan, along with childhood TV action like Gargoyles, Gummy Bears and Batman (I’m no Superman fan, his outfit does not make it into the superhero league). Continue reading “Star Wars in China: John Boyega is Shrunk in the Ad, and He Just Happens to be Black?”

Clash of Cultures: China Girl vs. David Bowie

This post is a tribute to the late David Bowie, a person of immense contribution to his generation and beyond. Among his most famous works are “Modern Love”, “Blue Jean”, “Rebel Rebel”…

However, his “China Girl” remains very dear to my heart as it addresses a recurrent modern phenomenon. In this beautiful song, a Western man falls in love with a Chinese woman. Although he loves her, he warns her to stay away from him to stop himself from corrupting her.


Continue reading “Clash of Cultures: China Girl vs. David Bowie”

Packing Builds Character: Your Life Counts On This List

Every time I arrive in China and settle in, I experience the kind of situation where I want to bang my head against the wall in an act of sheer frustration at the fact that I always forget to include some basic essentials in my luggage. Let’s stay positive, I look forward to the next time I visit my country and repack for a return to China. Foreigners in China often find difficulty shopping for their preferred brand of a certain product, from deodorants to underwear to condoms. Following will be my customized list of things to include in my and your baggage before leaving to China. In the name of ease and comfort, check this out: Continue reading “Packing Builds Character: Your Life Counts On This List”

China Essentials 101: Chopsticks

Kuaizi, Chinese for chopsticks, is a delicate affair. Two equal-length tapered sticks are held in a precise way that allows Chinese cuisine-lovers to hold grasp of a slippery dumpling or a delicate tofu; or if you’re into eating a whole fish as Chinese do, then nothing beats your pair of Kuaizi.

Have you ever made a mess using chopsticks, spilling food on your favorite shirt and making a fool out of yourself? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, even adult Chinese people occasionally struggle with Kuaizi. I myself have a long story with Kuaizi. Continue reading “China Essentials 101: Chopsticks”