No Smoking in the Classroom

For people around here, this might seem like a very illogical question, yet I have to ask, “ WHAT IS THE ‘NO SMOKING’ SIGN DOING IN MY CLASSROOM ??!!” Yes, you read me, it’s true, after months here in Zhejiang, I just realized that a bold Non-Smoking sign lies firmly beside the chalkboard on the wall, so that everybody in class is reminded to keep their cigarettes in their trousers. And then comes me, and I have to ask myself over and over again, “but who would light up a cigarette in the middle of the classroom?” A little bit of investigative journalism (now I’m a journalist, wink wink) led me to interrogate some of my teachers in search of valuable answers. My findings are not conclusive, but from what I understood from my lovely teacher, smoking is a very common thing; So in an effort to curb this malpractice in classrooms, smoking signs were spread in classrooms to protect the educational environment. Well, to be honest, I haven’t seen anyone smoke in class ever. So you know what, now I wanna check out some old pics of my time learning in Beijing, and maybe I will manage to find a lingering Non-Smoking sign in my former class as well. It’s there to serve for a reason, yet I only now managed to realize this little detail that tells you how popular smoking is here. I thought people in the MENA and many Southern European countries are unmatched in their smoking habits, and I was wrong. And by the way, all the people I’ve seen holding cigarettes happen to be male, but never the opposite sex. So I dunno how this is related to society’s perceptions of smoking and whether there is a bias against smoking when it comes to females, but surely there must be something.

IMG_9021 IMG_9020

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