It’s a Great Place, but unless you Pay Up, Bureaucrats’ll Give it a Meager “C”

Today, I’ll tell you what you need to know about the food safety and regulation system pertaining to restaurants (meaning places where customers are served after placing their orders), which is visible through a rating system based on a letter grade.

Well I went to two completely different places and took these pics.

This is the first place:

Too bad, it only gets a "C". They probably did not invest to get the "B" or "A"
Too bad, it only gets a “C”. They probably did not invest to get the “B” or “A”


Delicious stuff really!
Delicious stuff really!

I wouldn’t mind eating the spoon too

And now have a look at this other place. It’s not good, by my personal standards, of course I’m saying this with all due respect.

Pic ma7al hay


Inside every restaurant in China where customers may take a seat and be served, you should be able to very easily catch sight of a quality rating, or a letter grade, of the place. This grade pertains to the level of conformity with the government regulatory requirements relating to safety and other standards.

When I first came to China, I would move around from place to place just to find a decent rating on the wall. But time and experience taught me to simply ignore the grade altogether. I’ll show you, by picturing two very dissimilar places, that it’s possible for a great place to get a “C”, while a nasty one may get a “B”, and I assume that bribing, or not bribing, the bureaucrat handling your affairs is definitely strongly correlated with the letter grade your place will display. So A, B or C, who cares?


As you can see, the first place looks very presentable, has a great atmosphere, and the food looks appealing and tastes awesome. I didn’t doubt the hygiene for a second, especially that my bowl, spoon and Kuaizi were calling on me to get hold of them.

The next place, on the other hand, looks shady to start with, and we actually entered it only after the insistence of the owner, a woman who dragged us in even after we tried to avoid her. As you see, this shady, scratchy place, void of any other customers but us foreigner, did not win our trust. We ordered a safe noodle choice, and let me say this, it was 15 Kuai a person, which is quite cheap, around $2.3. Nothing tasty, a very plain meal, Kuaizis didn’t look as clean as I’d hope, but I don’t wanna even think of that. I will never go to that place again, that’s because I fit into the category of people who somewhat care about their health..

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