Captain America 美国队长


Marvel’s marvelous Captain America 3 was just released in China, and as an avid super-hero fan, I spent my Friday night out at the movies watching this great production. When it comes to super-hero movies, I’m easy to please, I don’t mind all the bad ratings, the harsh critics or the pessimistic reviews by some friends, I just enjoy. So I booked my tickets online, which you should definitely do online at the movie theater’s website, which is “” in my case. Booking online grants you a half-price discount, so you pay 38 Kuai instead of 80!! It’s quite weird that the difference is huge, and I have to confess I actually bought the 80 Kuai tickets the first two times I went to the movies, as I just didn’t know it’s cheaper online, and the ticket-vendor never mentioned it. It is not the most rewarding job, more so when you have to work when others enjoy their weekend nights at the movies. Anyway, I went to the movies and had a great time.

As I entered my designated cinema hall, I glanced at my ticket once more, and it read “美国队长3 ”, which clearly is the Chinese translation of the name of the movie. I started thinking, “So is the movie in Chinese or in English with only Chinese subtitles?” I don’t mind the movie being dubbed in Chinese, as that would clearly benefit my language learning, though deep inside, I wanted to watch the movie in full, neutralizing my emotional bias. A few minutes later, the movie started, and it was in English (you bet I smirked), with Chinese subtitles to cater to the vastly Chinese audience, which was not a huge audience by the way, around 13 spectators at most, in a mostly empty hall. Where are the Captain America fans?!

So you see, the movie is a completely Western production, yet the website and the movie banners all speak Chinese, to communicate easily and attract the narrow audience that would dare watch a Western production in English. Yes, I’m in the minority here, not that I mind having the whole cinema hall for myself.

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