A Vibrant Islamic Scene in Hangzhou.. Really

Islamic culture is very visible in Hangzhou, home to a significant Muslim minority. When I first arrived in Hangzhou, I had stayed at “” hostel, at the center of a Muslim quarter in Hangzhou. There, I got the chance to experience, as much as the language barrier allowed me to, the Muslim scene there, and interact with people living their everyday lives, and let me say this: It’s facinating!

I don’t take photos of everything I set sight on, but hopefully these will do. The Mosque was especially interesting to encounter. Among other stuff, the street food is a big thing in China, and in Hangzhou Muslim eateries and green “Halal”-labeled restaurants are everywhere. “Halal” is the term referred to food prepared in conformity with Islamic religious traditions. You can see the Arabic on the banners everywhere; actually, many many Muslims there actually speak Arabic quite well, and you see Qur’ans in Arabic on the tables in the restaurants. That was quite interesting, considering that China is worlds apart from the Arab World. But yeah, China was a vast empire once, and the diversity of the people that identify as primarily Chinese today encompasses people of different ethnicities and varying degrees of integration into the state. Ok now enjoy!


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