The Desertification of the Olympic Forest

As you know, China is huge. Different areas from the North to South, East to West, have differing geography, and thus different climates and life environments along with differing development situations. I’m writing this post just to say that I was lucky to randomly choose to move to Zhejiang, which I got so attached to and loved. I got to learn that Beijing is only Beijing, and that there’s more to the simplistic ignorant stereotypes that Westerners associate with China. As for me, I spent most of my time in China in the capital, Beijing, and I’m glad I got to experience a different area in China. Honestly, I’m fed up with cities, I was raised in one, I just don’t admire cities anymore.

I don’t know how significant this is in its effect on my sudden decision to move to Zhejiang, but I will mention objectively that I visited the Beijing Botanical Garden and the Olympic Forest, which is just beside it, on a nice Saturday in Beijing. (trust me, it must have been a day with surprisingly perfect weather, otherwise I would have stayed comfortably in my room; even as winter ends, Beijing weather remains problematic). So yeah, I went to these supposedly touristic spots in hopes of having a nice walk with a friend, and this is what we found. You can only blame geography and POLLUTION for this, as Beijing’s weather is so difficult to foster and maintain a “Beijing Botanical Garden” or an “Olympic Forest”. And now I’m in Hangzhou, where green is the norm. GO Green, go Hangzhou!

Here are the pics:


IMG_5692 IMG_5696IMG_5702 IMG_5711 IMG_5721IMG_5723 IMG_5727 IMG_5748IMG_5750IMG_5756 IMG_5759 IMG_5772IMG_5774 IMG_5777 IMG_5788IMG_5795 IMG_5799IMG_5803 IMG_5806

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